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Tuesday, 03 March 2009 19:39
The Traversata Carnica - Path of Peace (Friedensweg) - is a route between Italy and Austria through the eastern Dolomites Alps of South Tyrol, the Comelico and Carnia. The route runs between steep mountains, broad valleys, green forests and towering firs and larches, covering areas of interest for the historical aspect, since here has fought the Great War. The path it is little known by tourists, but here you can find information to learn about the Traversata, which will be especially useful to those who love and search a untouched environments.

The Traversata can be addressed by all hikers because the route has different difficulty levels and distances. It may be suitable for a range of hours for beginners as well as provide a more challenging target for experienced hikers who wish to address the entire route several days, through all the mountains in the area.
The area is also suitable for mountain biking activities, being a priceless landscape for bicycle routes at high altitude.

Our proposal, in addition to catering and accommodation spread along the route, is to give you a help in planning the route of interest and offer shuttle services, baggage transportation and / or recovery at end of the excursion.
Our partners will be happy to help in planning the route giving you valuable tips for your needs.


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For more information you can follow the different path stages of the Traversata:

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