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Casera of Dignas is located below the eastern end of the Cresta del Palombino, just above of the confluence of the Palombino valley with Val Dignas.

Casera of Campobon is above the previous, in a dominant position on the ridge that descends south from Croda Nera.

Like other casere of Val Visdende, all owned by the Regolieri, the Casere offer the availability of summer refuge.

How to get here

From the Val Visdende - Pramarino
Signals number 167-170 for 2-3 hours, easy track.
From the signal 167, go up to Bivio Ciadon (1426m) for 3.5 km, then continue on the road with the right signal 170.  After curcumventing Coast Spina, enter Val Dignas reach the bottom at the bridge over the stream that falls from the Val di Palomibino. The road climbs quickly from there through a few bends until Casera Dignas. Continuing the street from it, you can get to the Casera Campobon. Alternatively you can go up along  path 170 which, once crossed the Rio Dignas, rises more rapidly throught the forest (0.45 hours).