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The Sella of the Col Caneva between the south-western slopes of the Col Caneva and Mt. Peralba is the point of connection between the Group of Peralba and that of Rinaldo, and between Val and Val Sesis Visdende. This Sella is the source of the Piave river sacred to the country for its historical importance derived from the events of the First World War. Near the source there is a bar restaurant, just called Sources of the Piave (1830m), open throughout the summer.

The Sella is dominated by walls of Peralba, but a short walk to the Col Caneva (1939m) broadens the horizons.

How to get here

  1. From Cima Sappada (1290m) through the Val Sesis
    Signal nr. 132, 2,30 hours of walking on a road open to car run (8,5 km).
    The main entrances of the road are from the church of St Oswald at Cima Sappada or the Old Mill, visible from the bend of the main road in the town center. The road goes up the Val Sesis, after passing a series of bends at the Piani del Cristo (Restaurant at 1410m) and 1.5 km below the Pian delle Bombarde (Rhododendron Hut at 1468m). After a long stretch of the valley opens up the vision of M. Chiadenis and M. Peralba and, continuing to get the fork to the Rifugio Calvi, you reach the restaurant Sources of Piave after 1km.

  2. From Val Visdende - Costa d'Antola (1332m)
    • from the Val dell'Oregone and the Sella del Col di Caneva, signals 132-137, 2-2,15 hours
      At Costa d'Antola (Trattoria da Plenta, 1332m), pass the bridge and continue along the road with wooded trail near the bottom of the valley 132 of Oregone. After about 3 km you will cross the river and continue along the trail in the woods. Once on the bottom of the ridge west of Peralba at a crossroads, follow the trail (signaling device 137) that goes into the forest with many bends. Leaving the forest continues to the southern wall of Peralba and with great views of the Val Visdende to the nearby Sella del Col fi Caneva (1830m) to the restaurant.
    • to Casera di Sesis and the Roccolo di Caneva, signals 132-136, 2-2,15 hours
      Follow the road of the previous itinerary for about 2.15 km, leaving it on the right to go down and cross the river at the Casera of Sesis (1435m). Continue to trail on the slopes of the Col di Caneva, reaching the low sheer Roccolo (1790m) and then continue down the path 136 that leads on the road that comes from Cima Sappada. From here you are soon at the restaurant.