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The Rifugio Pier Fortunato Calvi is on the group of mountains which lies between Mt. Peralba and the ridge of M. Chiadenis, south of Pass Sesis. It is an ideal starting point for the climbs to Peralba and Chiadenis, as well as for the cross of the surrounding mountain range. The refuge is dedicated to the Martyr of Belfiore, a hero of epic resistance in the Cadore in 1848.




How to get here

  1. From the Sources of the Piave river
    Signal number 132, 1 hour of walk on road and trail
    From the parking at 1815m on the road that goes from Cima Sappada the Source of the Piave, 1 km near of the restaurant, the road begins with trail 132, which leads to the first marble quarry in the wall of Peralba and then continues to the refuge. Alternatively you can climb the Sella of the Col Caneva to shortcut through the .
  2. From Val Visdende - Costa D'Antola (1332m)
    Through the Passo dell'Oregone, the Passo del Castello and the Passo Sesis following signal nr. 134-132, 4 hours.
    Walking up to the Passo dell'Oregone (2280m), climb following the track marked with nr. 134 of the Casera Chivoni (1745m). This continues on the right side of the Oregone valley through woods under the slopes of Mount Tap and from here, in an open environment in which it rises rapidly to Passo dell'Oregone on the border with Austria. Staying on the Italian side and following signal nr. 132, continue to trail to the nearby Passo del Castello (2318m) and Passo Sesis, that shortly leads to the refuge.



Rifugio P.F. Calvi
2164m slm
Località Val Sesis
32047 Sappada (BL)
Tel: 0435 469232
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it